Vancouver's Busiest Club Night


We've had the best of times. We've had the worst of times. Ah, Celebrities. Let's not think about the time vodka and I went on a long break. That's not something neither vodka nor I like to bring up. Instead, let's reminisce about those long nights where my friends and I partied shoulder to shoulder, like sardines on the dance floor. Pushed, shoved, and stepped on; covered in sweat and other people's drink splashing all around... And loved every minute.

Celebrities and I have had a fairly long relationship. I hit 19 just as the bar re-opened after shutting down and renovating for four years. It was meant to be. Before being called Tuesdays at Celebrities, the night actually had a name, Stacked. With the amount of people in the club, things definitely felt stacked. Years later, Tuesday nights remains to be one of the busiest nights in Vancouver. You really need to get down there by 9:00 PM if you don't want to wait in line for hours. Trust me; I've seen it stretch more than 5 doors down the block.

You're wondering how and why this is possible? One word: cheap. Cover is just $10 and high-balls are even cheaper. Three dollars! Who can pass that up in a city where bar drinks can go as high as $9 for a single? I know I'm guilty. The fact that the $3 drink special for this night has lasted for over 5 years is even more amazing. Some people are probably going there out of sheer gratitude.

As expected, a drink special that is truly special attracts all kinds, even the heterosexually inclined. As a matter of fact, most call this "Straight Night." While everyone is definitely welcome to have fun here, the crowd tends to be younger, around 19-24. Maybe because they have the energy and patience for congested clubs, or maybe it's because the novelty of partying at clubs is still fresh. You certainly don't want to go here if you want a quiet night.

And quiet it definitely isn't. Regardless of whether you have room to dance, the music doesn't just make you move, it grabs you by the hand and thrashes you around floor. Catered to high-energy clubbers, Tuesday nights is a mash up of everything dance-y. From Top 40 remixes, to electro, hip hop, house, I've even heard a country song remix. With an amazing resident DJ line up of Daryl O, Timeline, Johnny Jover, Rico Uno, JP Valdes, and the one and only Flipout, you're guaranteed to be dancing if you're not passing out.

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