De Dutch - BC Breakfast Tradition with a Euro twist

dutchWhile they have multiple locations around the lower mainland and across the province, my favorite is the one at Columbia Square in New Westminster. Mere blocks from the skytrain and with an open concept design, this location is beautifully laid out and an ideal breakfast stop. Of all the De Dutch's I have visited, this location has never failed to offer incredible service and top notch food. They are fast, friendly, and above all FRESH!

Now some of you had the pleasure of growing up with De Dutch in your life, I alas did not. So while this post might seem like I am fascinated with something quite normal and trivial, humour me please, I thought this concept was really cool and unique.

My partner in crime advised that the best option for me was the Pannekoek, their signature dish. Which unfortunately for me, comes in about a million different options. More like 50 different varieties but you get my point. The Pannekoek tasted very similar to the North American pancake and is slightly thicker than a crepe. With a diameter of 12 inches, it can seem a little intimidating when it first arrives. Your toppings of choice are laid on the top usually in a ramekin or glass bowl. Then begins the traditional assembly of your De Dutch breakfast


Step one - Pour out the toppings of your Pannekoek onto the surface. Line them up in the centre in a line.


Step two - Tuck the one side of your Pannekoek under your toppings nice and snug


Step three - Roll then devour!

My personal choice has become the Hash Pannekoek. A delicious combination of hash browns, mushroom, green pepper, and cheddar sauteed with your choice of ham, DeBakon (Canadian Bacon fried crispy) , sausage, turkey bacon or vegetarian. All smothered in hollandaise sauce, truly the low fat option on the menu. My cohort is addicted to the Rio Grande, with onion and green pepper cooked inside and topped with cheddar cheese, salsa and sour cream.

My most recent addiction there is the Peach Melba. Quite simply a Pannekoek topped with peaches, raspberries and whipped cream. The wise breakfast nosher will choose a half size of both to enjoy the best of both worlds.

All of this food is accompanied by bold coffee and fresh juices. Everything you could ask of a great breakfast nook. While I usually avoid chains for my reviews, this location stands out to me. They take the time to make themselves a unique dining experience and provide service commonly found only in a mom and pop cafe. They're worth the trip to New West.

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