My girlfriend and I have always been monogamous. Recently at a party we were both attracted to the same girl and just talking about her later brought on the hottest sex either of us had ever had. But how do I get over my inhibitions?


Last night I walked in on my boyfriend jacking off to some porn and... I freaked out. I found myself feeling neglected and rejected. Am I not enough for him that he has to jack off when I'm not around?


I just started dating this amazingly hot girl and she is perfect for me. BUT... She doesnt like to shave or even trim her pubic hair. How can I get her to shave or at the very least trim without offending her?

bottomOnly through dipping your toes into everything will you find out what it is you like and don't like. Don't feel obligated to attach a label to yourself just for the sake of easier identification by others.

bettyMy boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months and I would like him to be my first anal experience. I have never done anal sex before and some of the horror stories I hear from my girlfriends scare me a bit. They have said that it can cause issues with control of your anus and can also cause tearing. Is this true? Is there real actual risks with anal sex? AND is it painful as they say it is?


I have just started dating a guy and things seem to be going really well. We click on so many levels and the sex is awesome. He is fairly vanilla and I (secretly) am actually quite kinky.


I've never been fucked better by anyone, he's very intimate and sensual and I love spending time with him. Should I see if a relationship can go somewhere with him or should I tell him a fuck is as far as we will go?


My boyfriend and I have been experimenting with watersports for the last few months. I love coming home and kneeling in the shower and having him drain his piss all over me.

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