MarcodasilvaYou've most likely seen him on the cover of a few magazine. Maybe the collections of pictures from his steamy photoshoots scattered all over the internet? Perhaps you were lucky enough to have seen him dancing on tour with Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue's "All I See" music video (yes, that's him with the sexy tattoos).


You may not know him to see him if you passed him on the street, but you definitely will recognize his voice as the daytime radio DJ on The Beat 94.5FM. Jonny Staub is the ONLY fully out gay radio personality in Canada!! And that is something to celebrate!! Get to know the real Jonny right now in this feature interview!


Sandra Skinner is no stranger to the secret of succeeding in a largely diverse city. This Toronto native has called Vancouver home now for 20 years, and has taken the gay community by storm with her business savvy charm. You may recognize her as the owner and operator of the former Obstruction boutique in Vancouver.

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