Scott Larsen


Best thing about being an American, says Scott, is living in Canada.

He has been covering the Danish communities in the Pacific Northwest for Den Danske Pioneer, a Danish American paper near Chicago since the 2010 Olympics.

For VERS, Scott will be focusing on health care, GLBT history, sports, and the older GLBT community.

The Briggs-Myers test says Scott should consider acting. But he thinks public relations fits him better: from the AIDS Quilt visit, Seattle, in the 1990’s; GLBT at a national church convention in 2000; to the Democrats Abroad global convention in Vancouver in 2008.

Scott tells us he’s getting back into Rowing/sculling. He chuckles over an online rowing forum posting saying rowing is filled with homoerotic terminology. “I’m worried about staying afloat, rather than who’ll be my coxs, stroke rate, slings, or top-nut.”

He lives with his husband, Terry, in ‘the ‘burbs’ with their bull terrier, Emily.

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